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Corrosion is a deterioration phenomenon leads by atmospheric or other aggressive agents caused by chemical reactions on the metallic materials with which they come into contact and which leads to the consequent alteration of the characteristics of the affected material.
To protect materials against corrosion, the most effective solution is to coat the surface in question with a correct paint system.

The ISO 12944 standard, published in 1998 (updated in 2018) is a European and international highest reference standard in the world for the effective protection against corrosion of steel structures for new constructions.
This standard concerns protective paint systems designed for application in uncoated sandblasted steel and in hot-dip galvanized coatings.

Why is it crucial to follow this standard?
By choosing the most suitable coating system, which complies with the ISO 12944 standard, you get:

  • a reliable guide to select the painting cycle suitable for the need protection of the corrosion of steel structures
  • an objective criterion in the choice of coatings
  • a generally accepted standard

The finishes shown in the table can also be reproduced with SprintMix tinting system, keeping the same corrosion resistance characteristics.



  • NPS02
  • NAS08


  • GPS02
  • GAS08

Durability of the coating
In the standard the durability is expressed according to 4 classes.


Low (L)
Up to 7 years
Medium (M)
From 7 to 15 years
High (H)
From 15 to 25 years
Very High (VH)
More than 25 years

The cycles shown in the table have been certified by an Accredia accredited laboratory.

ICR’s technical assistance is available to support our customers to identify the painting cycle that best suits their needs.


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