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MED Certification and ICR Paints Excellence

MED Certification

Maritime safety is an absolute priority in every phase of the naval industry. The Marine Equipment Directive (MED) 2014/90/EU is a fundamental pillar of this safety, ensuring that every product used on board complies with the strictest standards. In this context, we are pleased to announce that our 4A16GN FINISH B/691 TXT GG paint line has achieved the prestigious MED certification for fire protection, confirming its excellence and contribution to vessel safety.

MED Certification:

The MED certification is an internationally recognized quality seal, attesting to the conformity of a product or equipment with the safety and performance standards required for use on board ships of EU member states and those that have accepted the MED Directive. This mark, represented by the rudder, is synonymous with reliability and compliance with the highest safety standards.

Regulations and Standards:

MED regulation is supported by strict protocols and international standards. Our commitment to excellence has driven us to surpass every challenge, ensuring that our products meet not only the minimum requirements but also the highest standards. Our 4A16GN FINISH B/691 TXT GG paint line, belonging to the fire protection family, has successfully passed various anti-slip tests, demonstrating its reliability in both dry and wet conditions.

Tests and Certifications:

Our products undergo rigorous testing and certifications to ensure their effectiveness and safety. The 4A16GN FINISH B/691 TXT GG paint line has successfully passed anti-slip tests according to three different methods:

  • B.C.R.A. Method: with results well above the minimum friction requirements, ensuring maximum safety on both dry and wet surfaces.
  • DIN 51130 2014 Method: achieving an R11 classification for high adhesion, ideal for environments with water presence.
  • DIN 51097 2019 Method: with a “C” classification, the highest grade on the evaluation scale.


The MED certification of our 4A16GN FINISH B/691 TXT GG paint line is a clear testament to our commitment to safety and excellence. Using certified products is essential to prevent and ensure the safety of crew and passengers, as well as compliance with international regulations. We are proud to offer high-quality solutions that contribute to making the maritime sector safer and more reliable for everyone.


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