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The ICR Convention at the Ferrari Museum in Maranello

Convention ICR 2024

February 16, 2024, will remain imprinted in the hearts and minds of all those who took part in the ICR Convention at the prestigious Ferrari Museum in Maranello.


The day began with a warm welcome from our CEO, Silvia Milone, who enthusiastically conveyed the vision and determination that should guide our path. Throughout the morning, our Sales Managers provided in-depth insights into the market for various product lines, highlighting the successes of 2023 and outlining guidelines for the future.


The ICR convention hosted sports and clinical Psychopedagogue Samuele Robbioni, who shared his significant experience in the world of football with the audience. From his experience, talent is not the fundamental element to become a champion, but rather respect for the sport, teammates, and education towards others. The message conveyed is that talent does not define a person; rather, their attitude and education are what truly make them talented.


Following the various speeches, we had the privilege of immersing ourselves in the Ferrari universe, exploring legends of the past and innovations of the present. The choice of this location was not random, as the Ferrari Museum embodies the values of tradition, unity, and growth, which, when mixed, form the foundations upon which our company is also based.


The day was not only dedicated to business and numbers but also to sharing experiences and the importance of synergies among colleagues and collaborators. Every moment spent together outside the office environment contributes to strengthening the sense of belonging and teamwork that distinguishes us.


Every year, this convention is repeated with the aim of renewing our collective commitment to success and growth. At ICR, we firmly believe that together we can overcome every challenge and build a successful future.


United in the present, projected into the future!



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