ICR – Industria Chimica Reggiana, a benchmark for painting in the bodywork, industry, composites and natural stone sectors since 1961. 

With a presence in over 100 countries around the world, solid, stable and constantly growing, ICR is an international company that does not intend to give up its vocation for tailor-made products, evident not only in the care it takes to develop and manufacture each product, helpfulness its displays in serving individual customers, supporting them at every stage of purchase and service.

In 2020 ICR was acquired by the PPG.

Industries Inc. group, a leading company in the Car Refinish and Light Industrial Coatings sector.

The locations

The company is strongly rooted in the region and has two production units, which cover an area of about 20,000 square metres.

The main production activity is located in Reggio Emilia, covering an area of approximately 10,000 square metres dedicated to the production of Putties, Polyester Mastics, Fillers and Clear Coats.

In 2012, a plant was acquired in Lodi of approximately 8,000 square metres, which is dedicated to the production of industrial paints.

The Iberian Peninsula and all of Latin America are managed by a sales subsidiary based in Spain near Barcelona.

continents in which we operate
Research and Development technicians
technical assistants

ICR numbers

employees in 4 locations
customers served
square metres of production facilities

The evolution of Sprint Color
More than 45.000 colour formulas
calibrated on our specific market.


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