Research and Development

The Research and Development department gathers information and requirements from the market to offer its customers what they need.   

Thanks to its in-depth expertise, it provides answers that are not only impeccable in terms of quality, but more importantly, that meet the requirements of flexibility, speed and ease of use that the market demands, fully coordinated with the production sector. This synergy between the various sectors is one of ICR’s winning factors.

The ongoing search for new raw materials and the development of chemical formulas to achieve an ever-higher standard of quality translates into the ability to anticipate market demands and offer a wide range of products that are also adaptable to the climatic requirements of the world’s various geographical areas.

ICR is also able to respond with tailor-made solutions adapted to individual user requirements.

Our brands

The evolution of Sprint Color
More than 45.000 colour formulas
calibrated on our specific market.


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