Professionalism and Specialization in today's market means working with an organization that guarantees service, quality and assistance.

With this philosophy ICR has established itself in various fields with its brands of products.

  • Car Refinishing

    Car Refinishing

    In-Car refinish industry, SPRINT has become a brand that guarantees quality, advanced technology and attains to Regulations with a wide range of products: Polyester Putties 2K component Primers/fillers , Clear coats, Plastics Products Repair, UV Cycle for spot repair UV drying.

  • Coatings


    In the paint industry, Sprint Coatings, is the perfect solution to all the demands of the market for General Industry and Industrial body-work. The product range includes solvent and water based painting products. Particularly multi purpose mixing system with concentrated colored pastes and binders of all types ready to use products for high volume, all solutions for anti-corrosion, complete Coating Cycle, UV coatings and specific products for Plastic Coatings.

  • Marine


    In the shipbuilding sector, Sprint Marine, is the technology that becomes product. The line includes fibrates mastics, putties, bonders and finish systems. The range is completed with the new products in line Yacht Coatings that provide very good quality for all GRP boats.

  • Marble and Stones

    Marble and Stones

    In the sector of the processing and treatment of natural stone, Sprint Stones is the ideal partner for the professional at Stone Care. The range offers a variety of adhesives, polishes and protective products used for processing marble, granite and other natural stones.

  • Hand Cleaners

    Hand Cleaners

    Line of specific detergents for cleaning hands.

  • Personalized and Private Labels

    Personalized and Private Labels

    ICR is able to develop tailor made products by providing all the technology and experience of highly qualified personnel.

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