Range of polyester tixotropic glues suitable for filling or applying veritcally.

images/seblod/raggruppamenti/T++.JPGT++ TIXO
All purpose glue offering excellent adhesion. It can be coloured with pigment pastes.
Mix with 1-3% C10 paste hardener.

images/seblod/raggruppamenti/T++.JPGT35 POLYESTER TIXO FOR FIREPLACES
Thixotropic glue containing special resins for the gluing of fireplaces.
Mix with 1-3% C10 paste hardener.

images/seblod/raggruppamenti/T++.JPGR58 SOLID CLEAR COAT
All purpose glue, especially suitable for invisible repairing jobs. Used for vertical applications.
Mix with 1-3% C10 paste hardener.

images/seblod/raggruppamenti/R59.JPGR59 SOLID POLICRISTAL
Colourless polyester resin. It offers long-lasting resistance to light. Used for vertical applications.
Especially suitable for invisible gluing. [...]

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