The Sprint Composites division has been present on the national and international market for over 30 years and counts among its customers the leading Italian and foreign players in the composite materials and shipbuilding sectors, offering a wide and varied range of services and products tailor-made for them.

Some of the products that allow ICR to position itself as a market leader over its competitors include: vinylester and polyester putties; fibred and non-fibred mastics; polyester and epoxy pastes; abrasive, bonder and polybonder pastes for PVC and sandwich composition application; finishing putties for different purposes; and a wide range of gel coats, from the industrial paraffin to the isophthalic for moulds.

ICR also boasts state-of-the-art structural adhesives with RINA certification.

ICR’s strength lies in the care and attention dedicated to each customer, meeting every specific need in terms of colour and technical quality.
Thanks to the constant innovation of the R&D laboratory
 team and the continuous focus on its market, ICR designs and develops products capable of satisfying the most varied demands of customers and shipyards, obtaining approvals and certifications from RINA.

Industrial Coatings

The important focus on Research and Development plays a fundamental role in the industrial coatings sector and the customer is at the heart of our efforts to formulate customised products for every need and situation. The technicians in the coatings department are at the cutting edge and always dedicated to innovation, working in close contact with the major international producers of raw materials, selecting only those that guarantee the customer high-level performance. Great focus is also placed on the environment, with the aim of developing products that are less and less polluting.

There are several market segments in which ICR coatings operates: commercial vehicles, operating machinery and industrial equipment, metal structures, urban furnishing, maintenance and anti-corrosion, ACE sector – earthmoving, composite material naval sector, special anti-slip treatment and vehicle loading compartments.

The paint cycles have already been adopted by leading Italian companies in their respective sectors.

For years ICR’s awareness has been focused on safeguarding the health of users and reducing environmental impact. With this in mind, in addition to the solvent-based lines strictly designed to comply with VOC limits according to current European regulations, the company has also focused on the development of water-based products available both as ready-to-use coatings and for the tintometric system.

The coatings division is divided into different sectors such as: General Industry, Electroplating, Special Coatings and Tintometric Systems (solvent, water-based and for special colours).



Water based and Solvent systems
for Coatings unit.


A leading company in the production of ICR putties, with its historical brand name Sprint it offers a modern, complete, technologically impeccable range designed to meet the real needs of the market in terms of functionality, practicality, flexibility and speed of application.

Over time Sprint has become a reference point for bodyshops, expanding its product lines with clearcoats, primers, auxiliary products and the Evolution tinting system.

It stands out for its strong focus on research and development, which with its team of experts is always at the forefront, bringing innovative, high-performance products to the market, with great emphasis on health and environmental protection.

Sprint not only offers quality products to its customers: the service and training team is always ready to support them in pre- and after-sales.


A leading brand on the body filler market for the car refinishing business.

The evolution of Sprint Color
More than 45.000 colour formulas
calibrated on our specific market.



The Marble & Stone sector is a milestone in the founding of ICR.

Together with the putty business, marble mastics brought ICR’s business to life in 1961.
Sixty years later, with its brand Sprint, ICR has achieved a leading position in the bonding and maintenance of natural and artificial stone.

Sprint is always at the forefront of the development of new products, linked to the changing market and stone industry, continuously innovating in both appearance and substance.

Hand Cleaners

The cleaning and hand hygiene products division has grown in recent years to expand its range with quality products in line with market requirements.

From 1 January 2020, ICR has revolutionised its commercial offer by adapting its products to the new European regulations on combating microplastics.

Our customers range from professionals to hobbyists: all products are designed to ensure perfect cleanliness and hand hygiene for those who carry out manual jobs and professions, whether in DIY, workshops or body shops.

ICR hand cleansers thoroughly clean and degrease even the most stubborn dirt, but they also pay great care to the operator’s health.

Products for tyre dealers

The Wheel Care line, the latest addition to the ICR world, was created from the need to offer complete support to the professional operator, working with tyre dealers, retreaders and original equipment fitters in the tyre sector, offering a wide range of mounting pastes and chemicals. 

All ICR tyre mounting pastes are considered non-hazardous according to the EC1272/2008 (CLP) regulation.

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